You Want Them 360 Waves Huh?

IF you looking to get them popping 360 waves check out these YouTube videos of this young black man telling the world how to Get 360 Waves, How To Cut Your Own Hair and How To Cut Hair. 360Jeezy YouTube Videos.

Now to the good part! Here are some of the products I recommend using to get your waves started. Cold Label Wolfin Pomade 4oz.
This pomade is specially formulated for wolfin’. It features raw organic honey for strength & moisture retention, & East African Castor oil to support strong growth. The Shea Butter & Hempseed oil are added for softness. Our improved Wolfin’ Pomade features an addition of deep conditioning soy, jojoba, and the antimicrobial safflower oil. It also features the classic Premium scent!

I know you wondering, what the hell is wolfing? How to Wolf your hair.

how do you brush your hair when you wolfing? You need a good brush like one of these Diane brushyou can’t go wrong with this brand of brushes.


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